MICHAEL NESMITH-Magnetic South(Blue)

(1970)2018,LP,Blue Vinyl,Sundazed Music Inc.,USA

  • Artnr: 0090771551214
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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

The heralded (true!) solo debut of Michael Nesmith! Magnetic South features the artist’s hybrid of cowboy-’n’-western country music and rock sensibilities, highlighted by “Joanne,” one of the earliest singles with the California-country sound to become a major hit record.

A1 Calico Girlfriend 2:34
A2 Nine Times Blue 1:40
A3 Little Red Rider 2:31
A4 The Crippled Lion 3:10
A5 Joanne 3:09
A6 First National Rag 0:20
B1 Mama Nantucket 2:38
B2 The Keys To The Car 2:52
B3 Hollywood 5:07
B4 One Rose 4:26
B5 Beyond The Blue Horizon 5:47
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